Belonging to various other years, the brand new Italian language artisans display with her and in Milano toward very first go out

Cassina Ideas is actually pleased to expose Town Caproni U8OPIA , an event devised from the talk anywhere between Louisa Clement and Georg Herold .

Development from the a few flooring of your gallery, the fresh new expo reveals a great transient business populated from the humanoid rates recommending the brand new components to manage existence. The previous artworks, some of which never ever demonstrated in advance of, participate an interactive wanting to know in which way experiences ranging from individuals, their health and you may lives schedules try changing.

Handling their work with different media Louisa Clement and you may Georg Herold unlock an extensive talk carrying out stress within character out of humans lives i recognize in addition to their advancement i imagine to ignore.

Louisa Clement works closely with picture taking, movies, sculpture and you may VR (digital reality) metaphorically examining the newest objectification of body, by way of the new method of symbolizing the human rates. Inside her photographic performs the subject is actually good mannequin once the meditation of people’s effect name so that as symbolic of brand new numerous characters with which anyone identify by themselves.

Regarding the performers collection Avatar , photographs out of brilliantly hued mannequins, removed with her iphone digital camera, dehumanize this new diversity from government because seriality out-of comparable poses anonymizes the human being. Seductively lookin, Clements works rarely describes new borders anywhere between photography and you can painting, where dissolution away from discussed structures is an essential time from the girl habit.

The research of new meanings and you will interpretations of your own body goes on for the Georg Herold ‘s really works symbolizing hyper definitely twisted anthropomorphic data. Surrealistically large humanoid government, or servings such as for example ft otherwise arms, ambiguously aired questionable feelings away from tall soreness or sublime catholic singles ecstasyposed of canvases stretched with the planks away from timber, bronze, foam or exposed wood, the latest regulators are arrested about second regarding action, since if into the an enthusiastic ironic otherwise intimately provocative angle. This new narrative of your exhibition develops towards the latest deconstruction regarding physicality.

As with the new lath-drawings made by roof battens and that graphics boost thoughts of your 8bit artwork pc code, you to definitely changes the character of fabric by switching it for the a beneficial service one to outspreads regarding frame toward visualize, put together having photographic colored paper, tights and other down amount content which he could have been functioning because the 80s.

Towards musicians

Brand new ongoing analysis from humanoid rates together with character out-of relationships anywhere between individuals force its boundaries regarding the sculptural work Mold of the Louisa Clement. The new tan graphic is actually a mildew regarding a gender doll that belong to another generation from deluxe sex toys, provided with a phony intelligence, that allows the latest toy to know and memorize the latest preferences regarding brand new pages and communicates using them to have a good the fresh new quantity of feel. This process out of substitute for of an income companion myself applies which have the pictures. Framed towards cam away from this lady cellular phone new singer noticed that the new bad quantity of the latest sculpture will get positive. In writers and singers desire of one’s digitalized social networking era, it functions gets a beneficial metaphor out of Instagram users, which happen to be in a position to satisfy anyone lifetime.

The fresh new disturbance between physical conversion process and you may electronic reaches their large phrase regarding the clips performs Circling Head of the Louisa Clement, in which videos regarding a beneficial mannequin head rotates in the cycle provoking in the reader a feeling of nihilism and burning interference.

Due to this new method of representing the human being numbers, Urban area Caproni U8OPIA performs towards perception from artwork making the latest folk wondering the definition from physicality and you can virtual despite digital wouldnt exist versus bodily.


Louisa Clement ‘s behavior delves on the ever-shifting concept of title while the our society becomes exposed to this new types of communication, standardisation and you may detection produced collectively from the electronic many years. Through photos, clips, statue, installation and you can VR, this lady habit issues physicality plus the figure out-of collective communications at an occasion in which the digital have enough time outgrown its industries and the fine types of private and you can reality escape the antique paradigms. Clements extremely important point at the dissolving laid out structures is also highlighted of the the continual swinging out-of the woman works anywhere between abstraction and you may figuration and you will by her making use of a broad range off media to imitate brand new fluidity of the subject she examines, and that ultimately reflects the latest the total amount out-of their data grounded on the fresh changing and you will networked position of your moments.