Hopefully, one of these suggestions helped you resolve your Windows microphone problems. First, test the port by connecting your mics to another port; if this works, the port is likely defective. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next step. Select properties by right-clicking on the audio device.

If you’re connected to your network, unplug the router for a minute, plug it back in, and reconnect. If your home Wi-Fi is OK, then pick up your phone and make sure you have your Wi-Fi password on hand before you get started. Make sure any plastic screen protectors are not covering the speaker or microphone holes.

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I use a mobile phone camera as a webcam. I uninstalled my Webcam driver, with the intent to download. Eventually I managed to recover it and used this test to see it worked. My problem is the microphone is not working, how can I test it?

So without further ado, let’s discuss the underlying causes and the most effective fixes if Zoom failed to detect a microphone in Windows 11. Thank you for sharing this Dave, Following those two steps resolved the issue. Interesting, here is mine, similar but missing the checkbox. Right-click on your microphone and then select http://driversol.com/tests/mictest “Update Drivers”. We hope we’ve helped you iron out all your issues with Zoom.

Method 8: Update All Related Drivers of Your Microphone

But sometimes you may face problems when the Microphone is not working on Windows 10 or Windows 11. If your Microphone is not working on some selected apps for the same you need to enable the microphone on the selected app by trigger on. Your Windows 10 computer will come with a basic audio driver that may need to be updated via the manufacturer’s website. What you need to do, is head to the motherboard’s manufacturer, find their support section, and download and install the latest audio driver for your motherboard. Here is how to manually install a downloaded audio driver.

You can click on the “Audio inputs and outputs” and select your mic under the “Device Status section. If you can’t find your microphone, you can try unplugging your microphone and replugging it back to your laptop. Try to connect your microphone to the correct audio jack as well.

We’ve got a picture of the default settings above. On Windows 10, you can check your privacy settings for the webcam and microphone by typingWebcam into the search box or when on the Start Menu. Choose the option forChoose which apps can access your webcam and then scroll to the bottom of the list to make sure Microsoft Teams and your web browser are On. You also can search for Microphoneand then chooseMicrophone and Privacy Settingsand then check to see if your microphone is toggled to On.